Sunday, September 24, 2006

A week in perspective

The week was relatively cold compared to the week before that. Fall has officially started. In fact on Friday, I had to wear a sweater to work. Now soon, all the leaves will change colours slowly and steadily. The whole landscape will be very beautiful. Then trees will shed the leaves and winter will arrive. Will I continue to write my blog till then? Too early to tell. We will see.

At work it was quite a rewarding week and I learnt a lot while solving a technical problem. This hard work deserved a good dinner on Friday. And as fate would have it, we went to a nice new Indian restaurant for dinner to celebrate birthdays of my friends. This place has a nice combination of Punjabi and South-Indian dishes. I opted for the latter and then had Mysore Coffee. The coffee was OK, not as good as I would have it in Matunga.

Saturday, as usual I went to guitar lessons. I need to practise more :). But I am progressing at a steady pace and that still counts, right?

I still have to focus on my German. I need to work on my vocabulary. Let's see if I can spend this Sunday on that. Auf wiedersehen.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger green-eyed goblin said...

Ach das ist ja prima....Du lernst Deutsch? Wie so? und Wo? wenn ich fragen darf!

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Sumod said...

Ja, ich lerne Deutsch fur einge Wochen. Aber ich sehr gut nicht. Ich kann sprache und verstehe nur ein bisch ("Ich habe das 'font' nicht'). Ich musch arteite veil auf mein Deutsch Grammar und Vokablen.


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