Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale

I happened to watch Casino Royale today. Since I have been a huge fan of all the 007 movies, I was pretty excited about the new movie and to see how the new Bond fares. It will be quite unjust if I just say that it was a bad movie. But I should say that I was a bit disappointed after watching the movie.

First the good parts, this movies begins with a black and white scene. This helps to create an atmosphere. The theme song "You know my name" has been done really well. The director has created a nice effect with the animated cards. The stunts especially the chase in the beginning is extraordinary and breathtaking.

Having said this, I do have some negative points to mention. First of all, Bond has been shown as an emotional person. I think this does not confirm with the Bond we have known over the years. I agree that this movie was supposed to show the beginning of James Bond and hence they might want to show his evolution as an agent. But they could have done a better job. They have shown James Bond falling in love, losing his cool and having a big ego. I mean if they only had shown him dancing around trees with Eva Green and singing group songs, they could have turned this into a Bollywood movie.

I also missed Moneypenny and Q. Judi Dench is the M, quite quintessential . About the new Bond, well, I still think the throne belongs to Sean Connery. I think Daniel Craig has done an honest job. But he simply does not have the charm and suave-ness yet. another thing to miss is, well last but not the least, witty or rather corny dialogs. And of course, Eva Green is stunningly beautiful. She looks gorgeous, acts well and keeps a good demeanour.

Will I recommend this movie? Sure I will. Just know that this is supposed to be the beginning of Bond. So keep your expectations accordingly.


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