Saturday, November 18, 2006

My first Hummingbird Guitar... well sort of

I had a tough piece to practise today, "Cielito Lindo" or translated in English, Beautiful Heaven. It is a spanish piece. After a while, my guitar teacher, Mr. Williams, asked me to try a new guitar to play an etude in the key of D in second position.

I liked the guitar the moment I looked at it. The first thing I noticed about it was a beautiful design of roses and a bird done on a patch next to the sound hole. It had a bright yellow colour covering most of its body merging into sunset red colour towards the bottom. My teacher told me this type of guitar is called as "Hummingbird Guitar". And the mixture of yellow and red colour is called as sunburst. Indeed, it was giving the guitar a cool flamingo appearance. It was a Cortez guitar, made in Japan. It was not very large as compared to my Yamaha folk guitar. But even though the width, height and thickness were only slightly larger, they were increasing the total 'hollow' volume of the guitar. So it was producing indeed better sound.

It is amazing what a good instrument can do to your playing skills :). I was so happy playing that guitar that I did not realize I had made quite a good progress on the etude I was playing. For the first time, I was truly enjoying the music without worrying about the metronome.

Geez! I want to buy that guitar for me. But I am pretty sure it is very expensive. May be one day.


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