Friday, November 24, 2006


I love holidays, I loved them in India and I love them here. Thanksgiving is a truely American holiday and I absolutely enjoy it. Whether I am visiting someone or someone is visiting me or I am just sitting at home, I like it nevertheless.

I still remember the thanksgiving we celebrated during my MS at College Park. We decided to make turkey... but sadly our cooking skills did not match our enthusiasm. In the end, we managed to pull through a palatable menu and it turned out to be quite good. At least nobody complained :). We had all our friends invited and it was a great party.

Last thanksgiving I did not go anywhere although my college friend visited me on thanksgiving eve. For the next two days, Spike channel had Bond movies re-runs and those saved my thanksgiving.

This thanksgiving day, I had my guitar lesson. So that kepy be busy. I am practising 'Pal Pal..'. And I am glad at my rate of progress. I need to find out the exact tempo of the song and that will help me a lot. I am also looking for western notations of marathi songs. I really want to practise "Sur Tech Chhedita", but I cannot get notations anywhere.

Good news is that my college friend is visiting me and another friend will be joining us tomorrow. So it will be fun, lots of catching up with old pals and VJTI memories. I am looking forward to a great time and discussions on almost all topics.

Have a happy thanksgiving!


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