Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pro Classic Squash 2008

I have been playing squash recently. I am a beginner honestly, having started somewhere around May-June. What is that now, 4-5 months? But I play twice a week on an average. I have also joined the ladder where I am pretty much at the bottom. But let's have the glass half full attitude.

On the positive side, I have won the most recent two matches in the ladder. I am also doing better in terms of stamina and persistence. And after all, practice makes a man perfect.

So when I read about the Squash tournament I decided to take part. I asked my friend which group should I participate in. His answer was, "Select D. You will not win. But you will get some good matches". And so thus with these inspirational words, I decided to dive in.

Today I played my first match in the Pro Club Classic Squash Tournament. I learnt a lot from it. My opponent was much better than me and very experienced. Not to mention, he told me that he was the architect of Windows CE. Even though the result of the match was not favourable to me (in plain English, that means I lost), I had a great time. After the tournament match, we played some friendly games. I did better in them, though the result was the same. But you learn a lot by losing to a much better player than by winning against a poor player.

After I was done playing, I watched other matches and refereed a match. The club also gave a t-shirt which was cool.

Tomorrow I have two more matches to play.. I mean to win. Now we cannot predict the result, but the least we can do is have the right attitude.


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