Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alt + Ctrl + Del ... a useful keystroke

What is the use of the key combination Alt + Ctrl + Del? You probably know that it is used to lock your computer and later as a step to unlock it. But have you observed that this keystroke can also be used while cleaning your keyboard?

Well, that's what I used today. I wanted to clean my keyboard, but of course, the moment you start cleaning your keyboard, you inadvertently press some keys and that can mess up any open documents or applications.

One work around will be to close your applications and then clean the keyboard really gently. But even then you might end up pressing the Windows button or pressing function or volume keys. Then it suddenly dawned on me! Lock the computer by Alt + Ctrl + Del. This was an Aha moment! Now after this I can easily clean my keyboard even if I have 20 applications open. It is an easy calculation. Closing and reopening 20 applications require many more keystrokes than 2 combinations of Alt + Ctrl + Del and that is not even counting the keystrokes it will take to save the applications.

My 2 keystrokes :)


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