Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dhoom 2

It was an 'on the spur of the moment' decision. Today afternoon my friend Kini called me and asked me if I was interested in going for Dhoom 2. I had liked Dhoom 1 a lot and all the songs as well. So I immediately said yes. Afterall movies are my passion.

I went to Dhoom 2 expecting a masala movie. A movie where a hero e.g. an ACP from Bombay Police just does everything in his abilities to catch a thief. I assumed that there will some taporigiri and corny dialogues. I was expecting, ok let me say it, at least one good dance number and other songs with catchy beats. I was expecting some 'kahani mein twist'. I was looking for a stupidly funny sidekick. I was definitely expecting car or bike chase and some hollywood-like special effects. I did not go to Dhoom 2 to get lessons for life and learn some ideals.

All my expectation were fulfilled 110%. Ash has really toned and tanned her body and looks great. I liked the scene very much where she descends down stairs in Hritik's villa wearing a blue dress. Her dress matches the decor of the background superbly. Before this movie, I did not like Bips particularly. But she also earns my appreciation in this movie. She has a double role, as a cop and as a babe in Brazil. She has been terrific in the latter. Abhishek has done justice to his role and he looks fine as an ACP. Poor kid, his dad is the living film industry and he will always suffer from his father's greatness no matter how hard he tries. Uday Chopra is the stupid sidekick of Abhishek and he has acted naturally. And finally the great thief aka A aka Aryan that is Mr. Hritik. I saw his movie after a long time. He is surely a good dancer and a match for Ash. Not bad at all.

The special effects and use of cool gadgets is definitely a plus point of this movie. Apart from that the outdoors in Brazil are awesome. The Spanish music in the background is nice too. The songs are catchy and especially the "Crazy kiya re" will be a big hit.

I will not tell the story and surely not the end. In all it is a paisa vasool movie. Pure entertainment for almost 3 hours.


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