Sunday, February 25, 2007

A party, lots of fun and some guitar

This Saturday I had been to the housewarming party of my friend Sid and his wife Datta. Sid was also my roommate during my M.S. They recently moved to Gaithersburg and invited me and other friends to celebrate their new residence.

I enjoy socializing and going to parties. It gives you a good excuse to skip away from the routine weekend chores and forget some serious work and have plain, simple fun with your friends. Of course, I do not forget nice wine and good food, in that order :).

So there were Sangeeta and Giri, our friends from University of Maryland and always a fun couple to listen to. Giri's and Sangeeta's stories make any party a delightful get together. My good friend Arindam added some spice to the conversation with his wits and funny anecdotes and experiences. I also met Som, Shraddha and Chirag.

The food was delicious and kudos to Datta for that. We had some roasted paneer and veggies on skewers. Then there were dahi-wadas. I had Undhiyo for the first time yesterday. All the arrangement was just too good and classy. To add to this Sid also had some nice Sutter Home and Cavit wines. My most favourite part was the strawberry top ice-cream.

After the dinner we settled down. I had promised Sid that I will play guitar at the party. Although I have been learning guitar since last two years, this was my first experience to play in front of some audience. I had practised the songs and arranged them in a sequence. But I was pretty nervous and partly because I had forgotten to take my music sheet stand. So I used the books as a music stand. The good part was that folks identified the songs I played. I was particularly happy because I could play my favourite song "Mere Rang Mein" from the Hindi film, "Maine Pyaar Kiya". After so many years, finally I was playing the song I had always liked. Some things are indeed priceless.

Soon it was time to bid adieu to our hosts for their wonderful hospitality. So we began to disperse as the midnight was entering, with promises to keep in touch for more such joyous occasions.


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