Friday, December 15, 2006

Context menu in OS X for Firefox 2.0

In Firefox 1.5.x on OS X, I could bring up the Context Menu for a link by pressing and holding the mouse button. But since I upgraded to Firefox 2.0, I noticed that this technique does not work anymore. So the only option left was to use CTRL + mouse button to bring the context menu. Now this was getting annoying. Why would you break backward compatibility?

If you want to get the old behaviour back here is the solution.
1. Open Firefox 2.0 on your OS X machine.
2. In the location bar, type: about:config.
3. This should load a page with list of all preferences and their values.
4. Select the preference: ui.click_hold_context_menus. Notice that its value will be set to false by default.
5. Double click on this preference. Notice that now the value will change to 'user set' and true.
6. Restart your Firefox.
7. Your press and hold the mouse button should now bring up the context menu.



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