Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So long 2007, Come on in 2008!

It is a new year. Completely fresh, bright, sparkling, joyful, sensible, healthy, brave, friendly, smart, beautiful, funny, loyal, innocent and loving. It has so much of untapped potential that you might not be able to capture it all at once.

If I want to view the last year in retrospect, the major change was my India trip early last year i.e. Dec. 2006 and Jan 2007. I had a self realization. I discovered my real priorities and things that are important to me. I also changed my job and joined Amazon.com. It was a big change as I moved from Virginia to Seattle, across the continent. It was my long held dream to live in Seattle metro and I finally achieved it. Redmond is a beautiful quaint little town; just like a hill station. I am in love with Pacific Northwest. It is a fabulous place.

I completed two years of guitar education. It was a rewarding experience. I also learnt horse riding. Now I am not a horse whisperer, but I like talking to pets as if they are people. I believe that they understand you and you can connect with them.

I made lots of new friends and met interesting people. I like working with folks and also like volunteering. So before I knew it, I was the editor of a local community magazine. This was a great networking opportunity for me. I believe that I have become a better listener in the past year.

The best thing I purchased last year was my 40” flat screen LCD Sony TV. It is an eye-candy watching Discovery and Animal Planet on it.

Much has happened in the past year. I hope that the coming year will also be a good year.

Happy New Year You All!


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