Sunday, October 22, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen Mr. Schumacher

Today was the last race of the 2006 season of F1. Sao Paolo saw the emergence Fernando Alonso as back to back world champion. But this race and this day will be remembered in the history of F1 as end of an era called Michael Schumacher.

For the last 10 years, Michael Schumacher has defined F1 with his attitude of and off the race track, his extreme shrewdness, his focus and his wins. The 7 time world champion was not supposed to end his career quietly and he gave his fans what they watch the F1 for.

He started the race on 10th position after a disastrous qualifier. He managed to climb to 6th position. But after an unfortunate flat tire he was relegated to 18th spot. But Michael never gives up and he came back fighting to 4th position after some unbelievably fastest laps. He could not get the title and could not stop Alonso from becoming the world champion. But he showed the spirit and the style that true F1 fans will never forget.

Ferrari won the race with Massa topping the track. Renault won the constructors' trophy.

We will never see Michael on the tracks again but we will never forget this great German.

Thanks Mr. Schumacher for giving us many reasons to be a part of F1!

Friday, October 13, 2006

10 important skills for a software tester

1. Programming concepts
2. Basic OS commands
3. Scripting
4. Debugging skills
5. Persistence
6. Algorithms
7. Database knowledge
8. Analytical mind
9. Communication skills
10. Methodical approach

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Life is
A journey, complete it.

A beauty, love it.

A duty, do it.

A pain, bear it.

A reality, accept it.

A dream, cherish it.

A mission, fulfill it.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Dasara

In India, today is the culmination of the 10 day festival of Navaratri (Nine nights). This festival marks the victory of good over evil. The 10th day is also called as Vijaya Dashami (The 10th day or the Hindu month Ashwin to celebrate this Vijay i.e. vicorty). On this day, people worship their tools. So a broker might worship his quote tracker, a student his books or a programmer his computer.

But before I celebrated Dasara by eating rasgullas and wishing my parents, I spent friday and saturday working on my guitar lessons and german lessons. My music notations books arrived from Delhi this week. I always wanted to work on some hindi songs. Now my problem is, I am learning guitar in American notations. So I have no clue about raag, taal and matra and any Indian notations. During my India trip this spring, I was searching for some music books in western notatins. Finally I found the books online and hence the story. I hope to get started with some simple songs without any sharp or flats. There are always complex things to follow. As my music teacher says "Music is patience"..

I reached about 1/3rd in my German book this weekend. Now that does not mean that I know and remember everything I have read so far. It only means that I am a fast reader :). So I hope to complete this book one time and then start all over again. In the meantime, I should write the words and phrases.

I also borrowed "The world is flat" from my public library. I just breezed through it and then returned it. When I have so many things to do, I need to prioritize my tasks. After all everyone has 24 hours. Also, I kind of know the jist of the book by quick reading.

I got to watch the BBC thriller series Wire in the Blood this weekend. Robson Green is quite cool as a clinical psychologist. But I must mention, the TV show is quite explicit and may not be suitable for all viewers.

I still have to read this month's issue of Fortune. I am so used to doing most of my reading online that reading a magazine has become a rarity.

So much for now. Lots of things to do the coming week.