Monday, September 17, 2007

So much to read

Whenever I go to Border's or Barnes and Nobel's, I get an inferiority complex. I mean look at the books they have in each section. Those shelves are like towers with multiple tomes packed with unknown words and unfathomable phrases and unbearable weight. Just looking at them gives me only one feeling, "Boy, when am going to read all this?". And I am not even thinking about philosophy, history, world politics or economics. I am only concerned about books that I generally understand, like business and technology.

Take for example, today's case. I decided to take a stroll and went to Border's. First I picked a book in the business and management section. Then I thought, this is not what I want. I need to read more about programming. So I started going to that section. On my way, I saw "The tipping point". I have heard so much about the book that I picked that up. In the Computers and Technology section, I saw literally one entire shelf full of books on C++. I was also on the lookout for a good C book. One major reason I look for these books is I want to know what book is the one that covers it all. For C, I can surely say that K and R is the best. It is like reading SAP documentation. Slightly unclear initially. But then you are bound to appreciate the beauty of it.

I got a very good book on C. It is " The C Puzzle Book". I did solve some questions in the store itself with the help of "Maple Chocolate Mocha".

But what attracted me most was bunch of books on Ruby. Now this is not a new language and you can find many Web 2.0 applications created using it. But today, I saw many books on Ruby than before. So I have decided to learn it and see how far I go with it.


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