Saturday, December 01, 2007

First snow in Redmond

Today morning, I was greeted by rays of sun falling on thin layer of snow on the grass across the backyard of my apartment.

What a start to the weekend! I was told that snow is a rare occasion in Redmond. So this came as a pleasant surprise.

When it snows, I always think of the earth as a beautiful lady draped in plain white like in the famous Marathi TV serial "Shwetambara". It is pristine beauty. And the weather made it more enigmatic and mysterious.

Now coming down to earth, it is no fun driving in snow and neither is walking. It is fun when you have holidays and you can play snow fight. I like it when it snows and it is still sunny.

I wanted to take some pictures. But now it is evening and the sun sets so early these days that my plans did not materialize.

I heard that last year it was a really bad winter over here. I hope this winter is mild and it snows just to a tee.

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