Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dinner, Movie and a Nice start to the weekend

This week was very hectic for me. Almost every day, I was working till midnight either for office or for the Seattle Marathi Mandal Magazine. So finally Friday evening seemed to provide some respite. And as luck might have it, with some friends, I went for a nice dinner at Cheesecake factory and then to the movie "Outsourced".

These days, I prefer to eat vegetarian food and so I ordered "French Country Salad". It was great! Agreed, in plain hindi, you can call it "ghas-phus". But it was supposed to be French "ghas-phus". Jokes aside, it had nice goat cheese pieces and pecan pieces spread rather generously. I also requested some pepper to add some test. It is a tricky thing to decide how much pepper you want. So today, I decided I will take pepper till the pepper-mill completes three rotations. Hey, I need to start somewhere to decide on a standard. As for the drink, I went with the usual, diet coke and no ice. On second thoughts, I drink so much coke, I should buy the shares.

The movie was good. To give you the gist, an american yuppie working in a US corporation faces two choices in this increasingly flat world. Either get a pink slip and leave everything or go to India and train his own replacement. In all fairness, his situation is like 'caught between devil and the dark sea'. So our dude decides that when everything is being lost, let go of the half and save the rest for future. Exhausted and frustrated, he arrives in the land of 'always hot' sun. By the time he gets little bit acquainted with the roadside food, manners, multiple gods and Indian way of thinking, he meets a 'desi' damsel and both fall for each other. Just when things are looking good for the Indian call center, the US company decides to cut costs even further and outsource to China. What happens next, how our dude faces this situation and also confronts his emotional dilemma, should be watched by oneself.

I liked this movie because it was made quite fairly. Most importantly, it showed that there are flaws in both sides of the world and at the same time, both cultures have so many good things that they can share. Now I can be a nitpick and point some flaws in the movie. But I will not do it. It is a good and fun movie to watch and I enjoyed it.

To put icing on the cake, while coming home, the drive was quiet and without traffic. I listened to one of my favourite songs, "Yeh raat yeh chandani" by Hemant Kumar. Has it ever happened to you that you want to listen to a song and you can listen to it at that moment? You enjoy the song to its fullest. These moments are pure bliss and we should cherish them. So I am going to start my weekend on these good notes.


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